After I Lost The Other One I LoveAfter I Lost The Other One I Love

70 x 100 cm - Pencil on embossed Paper

A reflection of intimate and broken feelings which refers to my poem, ‘After I Lost The One I Love’. The work aims to draw critical attention to the way in which people experience romantic relationships in the contemporary age. The work is produced with traditional and contemporary techniques, referring to the intimate and contemporary qualities. With the use of blind embossing and the drawing techniques, the tactile nature of the paper and the drawing marks give an added dimension to the work, making it simultaneously instant and distant, just like the way people experience love.




“A duality inside me
After Loving more than one people
Feeling the ache
A new burden to my heart
While I was withering like a flower
The petals…
They were fading away for the second time
After I lost the other one I love”
Belmin Pilevneli